FIFA 11+ & 11+ Kids

The brand new FIFA 11+ and 11+ KIDS fit4football resources have arrived!

Be sure to book Louise, your friendly local injury prevention specialist, to come and deliver either an 11+ or 11+ KIDS course for your club and ensure your players are in the best possible shape.

The 11+ KIDS is a brand new programme that has been proven to reduce injuries in our junior players (from 5-12 years old) up to 50%, as well as develop fundamental movements that form the basis of every athletic movement we do.

The 11+ is suitable for youth players up and is the most researched and validated programme in existence, book a refresher course to check up on technique and to develop a further understanding of the importance of keeping your players injury free, fast, fit and strong.

Have a look at our new website for more information and email to book a course at your club.