Federation Skill Centre

Skill Centre – 2017

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Please contact your nearest Federation Development Officer if you have any questions.


What is the Federation Skill Centre?

The Federation Skills Centre is a development programme that has been specifically designed for the ‘future’ football player. NZ Football has reviewed the latest research and best practice from around the world and molded to fit our unique culture to accelerate the skills of the ‘serious’ Kiwi footballer. The programme is under-pinned by NZ Football’s ‘Player-Centred’ Coaching approach, which means every player will be treated as an individual and receive the best coaching available.


Where it fits

The Skills Centre complements the ‘club’ practice and builds on the skills the players learn throughout the season. Boys and Girls that attend the programme will learn the skills required to enjoy the game and achieve their goals. This programme is the first step on the NZ Football ‘Talent Pathway’ and leads into the Federation Talent Centre & National Talent Centre programmes for 13-16year olds.


Why do we need this programme?

The world’s best players are technically better than ever before and getting better all the time. This programme will take advantage of the ‘Golden Years of Learning’ (between 9 & 12yrs) by giving our young players the tools to develop their technique and skill to enjoy the game more.


How is the programme delivered?

Following selection players will participate in weekly training sessions and a series of Game Days throughout terms 2 & 3. It is important that the quality of the delivery remains at a high standard so all coaches are required to have achieved, or working towards achieving, the appropriate NZ Football qualification to coach at this level. The delivery is monitored regionally by our WaiBOP Football Development Officers who work closely with the coaches to ensure sessions are challenging and beneficial to our young footballers.


Further information about the programme

WaiBOP Football is responsible for the delivery of all Skill Centre programs operating in the regions that lie within the Federation’s boundaries. Players are selected following nomination by their club in May each year, and following a comprehensive trial process. Players enter the programme at age 9 and their progress is monitored so that WaiBOP Football can track the more accomplished club player from each region, providing them with a development pathway to the Federation Talent Centre’s (FTCs) and beyond.

Although there may be some variation within the programme due to the uniqueness of each region, delivery of coaching sessions follow the guidelines provided by NZ Football. All coaching sessions focus on the development of individual technique and skill through the use of high tempo games for understanding as well as the establishment of specific player and team goals to develop performance outcomes. Each year four Skill Centre ‘Game Days’ are scheduled to provide the coaches with opportunities to further develop players in game situations. Equal playing time is encouraged, as is the development of a player’s game awareness through exposure to a number of positions. All coaches utilize the player centred approach where the development of the individual is the key aspect.


All Skill Centre kit can now be purchased online.

For more information regarding the Skill Centre programme in your region please contact your regional Football Development Officer.