First Kicks

McDonald’s First Kicks (4-6 Years)

Early engagement for players as young as 4 years old into the game helps allow the children to opportunity to discover the game, provide for learning basic fundamental movement skills and create positive football experiences.


  • No competitive game
  • Children play together informally to meet the personal/emotional needs of the youngsters
  • Lots of chances to score goals and enjoy mini challenges
  • Encourage participation in a variety of additional activities to develop physical literacy (e.g. running, jumping, throwing, etc)
  • Parents and game leaders bring out the fun of football through guiding and supporting their children to understand the basic rules of first kicks football



Click here for the First Kicks Cluster information booklet.

Please click the links below to download the cluster draws for 5th and 6th grade junior football:

Saturday August 27, 2016

Inter-cluster festival – activities here

Field map here.

This involves mixing up the clusters to involve different teams, so everyone will get to the opportunity to play against some different teams than normal.

Because the clusters are mixed together please ensure all coaches, player/parents and managers check the POD Filed Map (above) carefully to find out which ground your team has been  scheduled to play at, as many teams are travelling away and join in a different cluster/venue from normal. The programme set up will remain the same with two skill activities being delivered before the teams split in half to complete the three game rotation.

This is the last Saturday for the First Kicks season. We hope you all have enjoyed the 2016 season, even if at times the weather didn’t play its part.


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