The recent introduction of the new Incorporated Societies Act will have an impact on football clubs. This page provides a background of the changes and key links to further information.


The new Incorporated Societies Act was passed into law on 6 April 2022. The new Act intends to make incorporated societies’ governance functions more robust by aligning director duties more closely with those in the Companies Act. Examples of this include introducing officers’ duties and requirements for dispute resolution processes.   

There is a transition period during which incorporated societies will continue to be subject to the 1908 Act until they decide whether they wish to re-register under the 2022 Act or consider alternative options. 

Societies that fail to re-register between October 2023 and April 2026 will cease to be incorporated and will be removed from the Register. Re-registration will involve filing a constitution that is compliant with the new Act. 

Please see links below for further information on the changes and how they could impact football clubs:

HERE to be directed to the Sport New Zealand information.

HERE to be directed to the New Zealand Companies Office information. 


The purpose of the New Zealand Football Code of Conduct is to encourage fair, ethical treatment of all persons and organisations that come under the umbrella of New Zealand Football (NZF). All persons will agree to abide by the NZF Code of Conduct and acknowledge that any breach of the Code of Conduct, or any part of it, may result in disciplinary action under the NZF Statutes, Regulations and Policies.

The following Code of Conduct applies to all NZF members and persons participating in NZ Football activities.

New Zealand Football Code of Conduct


New Zealand Football and WaiBOP Football are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable football environment for all. We recognise our responsibility to lead and encourage safe practices to ensure the welfare and best interests of children and vulnerable adults. 

To support the football system in this commitment we’ve developed the Guidelines for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults and the supporting NZF Police Vetting System.

More HERE.