NZF Learn is an online learning platform for Football Coach and Referee Education in New Zealand.

NZF Learn offers coaches the opportunity to learn in their own time, whilst still holding onto the most important part of a course: the in-person engagement with peers, and educators and the quality conversations which take place at those times.

These courses are for volunteers, coaches and referees who operate in football or futsal and includes incorporating goalkeepers into training for coaches. 

Most courses will also require you to complete an in-person practical portion after your online theory. 


    The three updated community coaching courses below are now available. These courses consist of both online modules and an in-person practical component.

    • FUN-damentals of Junior Coaching Award
    • Junior Level 1 Coaching Award
    • Youth Level 1 Coaching Award


    The courses below are available online on NZF Learn.

    • The Game Day Leader Award
    • The Mini Football/Futsal Refereeing Award
    • The Youth & Community Football/Futsal Refereeing Award

    The Level 1 Referee Award has the Theory portion available online.

    It also has a practical component that needs to be completed after the theory is done online.