Football and Futsal at Alert Level 1

At 11:59pm on June 8 2020, New Zealand moves to Alert Level 1. 

This is what it means for football and futsal:

Competition, Training and Education Courses

  • Football and futsal competitions, training and education courses can return to a new normal. 
  • There are no limits on crowd sizes and no social distancing requirements.
  • Anyone involved in any event must be able to be contact traced.
  • NZ Football recommends the use of the iDMe as an online contact tracing register. To read more click HERE.
  • The Government recommends people keep a personal record of where they have been should contact tracing be required.  
  • All players, coaches, support staff and referees must be registered with COMET Guidance for clubs can be found at


  • All participants should regularly wash and dry their hands, or if not possible use hand sanitiser, before and after an activity.
  • You should continue to cough or sneeze into your elbow and avoid spitting, or similar actions. 
  • Sharing of equipment should be minimised where possible. 
  • Sharing of water bottles and food should be avoided.


  • Facilities can be open as normal as long as it is approved by the respective council or owner and hygiene measures are followed.

If Unwell

  • If you feel unwell stay home. Don’t play, train, or attend games in any capacity. If you have cold or flu symptoms you need to see a doctor and if told to self-isolate you must.

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