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SENIOR COACHING COURSES are suitable for those who coach adult teams

​​​​​​​NOTE: These courses have both theory and practical components. Candidates should come prepared with the necessary note taking stationery as well as the necessary attire for participation in the on-field practical.


Course Overview

This first step for coaches of adult players provides information on how to organise enjoyable coaching sessions working on specific areas of team development.

Looking at areas such as “Warm Ups”, “What to do on Game Day” and “Benefits of Small Sided Games”, it is an informative starting point for coaches looking for guidance  on the best way to coach adults.

This course will help Coaches working with players aged 16+ years, involved in all 11v11 Football formats.

Course Content incudes

  • Structure of a coaching session.
  • Meeting adult footballers’ needs.
  • Warm Ups & Cool Downs.
  • Coaching Styles.
  • Designing coaching sessions for technical outcome.

​​​​​​​Cost: FREE.​​​​​​​

Coaches can gain the Youth Level 2 accreditation by attending this course if they have attended the Youth Level 1.


​​​​​​​NZF SENIOR C LICENCE - FUTSAL (Youth/Senior)

The OFC/NZF C Licence course is designed for coaches within the advanced youth & senior context. The objective of the course is to support coaches by exposing their coaching practice to methods, strategies and frameworks to best support their players.

This is a 4 day course and has a mix of theory, practical and E-learning. 

  • Futsal Knowledge

  • Training

  • Match

  • Management/Leadership

  • Vision& Philosophy

Candidates will be challenged to critically analyse their coaching practice and seek ways to evolve their coaching practice within their current context.

On the completion of all course tasks, including a final assessment, the coach will be awarded the OFC/NZF C Licence.

This course will take approximately 3 months minimum to complete.

Course: Futsal C licence 25-28 May 

Venue: Silver Fern Event Centre, Te Aroha

    OFC/NZF C LICENSE (Youth/Senior)

    Course Overview

    This course is aimed at developing coaches that are working with talented players aged 13-19 years or senior players. This course has been developed from researching best practice methods from all over the world and is based on the ‘The Professional Coaching Model’, an approach that is structured to promote high level learning and allow coaches to design season long programmes to help their players solve football problems.

    Course Content incudes

    • Match analysis.
    • The objectives and structure of Football.
    • The NZF Philosophy and Vision.
    • The NZF Team Model.
    • Developing a coaching process.
    • Plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate a game training session

    In addition the Youth 3 component also covers:

    • Managing youth players.
    • Age appropriate, holistic development of youth footballers.

    Course Details​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    2024 course details still to be posted.